During my recent visit to Moab, I had 'hiking in this scenic slot canyon' was on highest priority list. Those who didn’t got a chance to visit the commercial & crowded Antelope Canyon, can visit this place which is too good for families, photographers and those who like to hike with fun. There is also an adjacent slot canyon which is called Bell Canyon and most of the people do both the trails together ( total around 8 miles) but since my main purpose was to take pictures I just took this trail and come back the same route(around 6 miles). In terms of which trail is more scenic, I heard from people that little wild horse canyon is more scenic then the other one.

I went to this trail with my 10 years old daughter and both of us were too excited all the way looking at the winding narrow canyon. To reach here you need to enter the Goblin Valley state park area(first signboard stating the name of the park) and before the entrance station you will see a board for Little Wild horse canyon on your right. It is a paved road and you need to drive around 5 miles to reach to the Parking area for the trail. It is a huge parking lot but on a weekend in April 2015, it took me some time to find a free spot. This is a very popular destination so you may want to reach early on the day. 

I would say that this is an easy to moderate hike and anybody can do it. I saw people from of all ages doing it especially kids were having too much fun. So I would categories this trail as a family trail. The canyon is narrow at many places and only one person can cross at a time but none of those narrow areas are difficult.

For photographers, I would suggest a non-weekend day, as this place may get crowded but even on an Easter weekend I managed to take many shots without people in the frame.  Also you may want to choose a time when sun is at right angle and lights coming inside the narrow canyon. 

Entire trail of little wild horse canyon(didn’t go to Bell Canyon) took me around 2.5 hours as I was stopping and waiting for other to go pass me before I could take pictures..

Enjoy some of the shots of this place.